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Ice Dam Repair Cheshire CT

American Restoration LLC understand the damaging effects that ice dams can cause to your property and repairs these damages to residential homes throughout Cheshire CT.

Ice dams are caused when very temperatures and storms form a build up of ice along a roof.  With a poorly insulated attic, the heat from the home quickly melts the built up ice and an excessive amount of water has no where to flow.  It is important not to warm the roof in these conditions, rather keeping the rood cold in optimal.

When ice dams begin to melt, they can enter your home through the underside of the roof deck, causing extensive interior damage.

Our team of expert contractors are available to repair property damaged by melting ice dams.  From drying out the structure to  drywall repair, and HVAC issues, we have decades of experience helping homeowners throughout Cheshire CT.

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